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Based on the family farm, Orchard Barn is run by sisters Dr. Sally Moorcroft & Helen Quirke

The building

The Barn itself is over 200 years old and includes ship beams from the local ship yard in Immingham, which date back over 200 years. Used on the farm as an agricultural building the barn looked very different when we were growing up, but has always had a very calming atmosphere. The barn has undergone careful restoration, taking care to retain all the original features.

The roots of the business

Growing up on a farm, harvesting our own vegetables and home cooking embedded in both of us the importance of unprocessed, healthy food as the basis for a healthy life. Sally travelled extensively before and throughout medical school and was introduced to other cultures, foods and medical systems. These brought awareness of different traditions around the world, developing a deep interest in nutrition and preventative medicine as she progressed through her training and left the NHS in 2002 to pursue this.

We use functional and nutritional medicine as the foundation of Orchard Barn. Within the practice we find nutritional intervention a very effective therapeutic strategy and will always begin a treatment plan with focusing on optimising digestion and gut function and addressing diet and lifestyle. We find many patients overwhelmed with conflicting advice in the media and very keen to learn about how they can take some responsibility and control for their health.



The County

With our keen interest in food and nutrition we are in the perfect county. In fact Lincolnshire produces one eighth of the UK's food and processes 70% of its fish. With many artisan foods available directly from the farms. For more information about the wonderful farms and food producers in the area click on the link below.

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