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Functional Medicine Nutritional Therapy

Do you feel tired? Do you have low energy? Suffering with brain fog? Are you anxious? Concerned that you may be taking too many prescription drugs? Do you have an autoimmune disease? You do not have to accept sub-optimal health. You can feel great, whatever you age and you can improve your quality of life with targeted dietary and lifestyle changes.

Claire is a Nutritional Therapist with Functional Medicine training who works closely with Dr. Sally Moorcroft and the Orchard Barn team of experts to provide a treatment plan. Her specialist area is in Auto-Immune, Thyroid and Gut Health.

The science that is at the heart of our approach to healing includes the option, where required, for testing. This may be a blood test, stool or urine samples or a DNA test. We will explain the advantages of testing during our initial consultation.

Initial Appointment £150, Follow Up £110