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Yoga Therapy

Yoga therapy is quite separate from a group yoga class, as it uses all of the ancient techniques to enhance the client's whole system, body, breath, mind, emotions and spirit.

An initial assessment with Rebecca will take about 90 minutes. In the assessment you can expect to talk about your health, any medications you are taking, physical aches and pains and emotional aspects of your personality. Yoga therapy is closely related to Ayurveda so practices are focussed on ameliorating imbalances in the dosha, that is the constitution. Diet and lifestyle are key to balancing the dosha so you may be offered advice pertaining to your constitution. Much of the initial consultation is conversation.

In addition to this you will be visually assessed and observed so a practice can be created specifically for you. Daily practice's too are unlike a usual yoga practice, they are around 20-40 minutes long sometimes a little shorter depending on the client.

After initial assessment the best way to get positive results is to maintain a relationship weekly, then fortnightly or monthly over a period of time. As you change, life circumstances change, the seasons change so will your practice. Follow on sessions take around 60 minutes.

Whether you want rehab post surgery or have complex medical needs yoga therapy can help. It has also been shown to be very effective for chronic illness such as COPD, Diabetes, Hypertension, Anxiety/ Depression, chronic pain