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Beefayre Bee Outdoors Cintronella Candle

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Beefayre Bee Outdoors Cintronella Candle- 300g scented candle - a deliciously zesty fragrance, balanced by earthy lemongrass notes, this uplifting and refreshing aroma is evocative of a sunny summer’s day.


Contains pack of Wildflower Seeds.


Hand poured 100% natural plant wax in glass holder with flower and print.


Burn Time:  approx. 65 hours




Top Tip: Citronella essential oil can help to keep our insect friends away from the BBQ and alfresco eating - without the use of any harmful chemicals or pesticides.  

Ingredients:  100% natural plant-based wax.

Top Tip: when the wax has finished wash out the glass with hot soapy water and reuse as a tea light holder.  Keep wick trimmed to 5mm for longer burn time.